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The Certified Green Dealer® Program is the nation’s only program for certifying the nation’s green lumber and building material dealerships.

A fully independent entity, The Program is a distance-learning and testing system that certifies that lumber dealer personnel are trained in the basics of green building science and green product knowledge.

A lumberyard or building material dealer location can become a Certified Green Dealer (in its first year) if 75% of its sales personnel view a series of eight web-based training videos (and pass eight individual quizzes) about building basics, green building, and green building products.

A Dealer in its second (or other subsequent years) can maintain Certified Green Dealer status if 75% of its sales personnel view a series of four additional web-based training videos (and pass four individual quizzes).

The Program is not affiliated with any particular national standards-setting organization, such as NAHB, USGBC’s LEED program, FSC, or SFI, though those programs are explained in the Certified Green Dealer online content.

Interested parties can view with no commitment a brief, free video that explains the Program. A sample educational module from the Program is also available for viewing with no obligation.


To participate in the Certified Green Dealer® Program, lumber and building material dealers pay a per-yard tuition fee, which is currently $499 per yard in the first year and $399 in subsequent years to maintain certification.

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